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The Wifey University Store

Celebrate Your Love. Wear Your Privileged Marriage Status With Pride. Stay Fly. Get Wise.

The Wifey University Store delivers our exclusive branded apparel, merchandise, services, solutions and experiences shared and loved by women in the happiest, healthiest and wealthiest marriages worldwide. Our students, alumni and clients celebrate their love, stay fly, get wise and wear their coveted marriage status with pride.

Wifey Wear products and merchandise are for intelligent wives, wifeys, girlfriends, lovers, significant others, brides, fiancees, ex-wives and discerning women worldwide who set the tone and trends, aim high and make marriage, commitment and hubby management truly al courant and couture fashionable. Get wise.

Our collection of products, services and solutions helps women to make strategic, data driven decisions which optimize their marriages and create lives they absolutely love.

The Wifey University Store is a subsidiary of The Wifey Company portfolio founded by …

Maverick Marriagepreneur, Career Alpha Wife and CEORhonda Coleman Albazie

Before you say, “I Do” … “Invest In YOU” …

What does the Wifey University Store offer?

Wifey University branded apparel and products, online training courses, webinars, on-demand video, seminars, books, e-books, other media, services, solutions and experiences.

Wifey Store Brands include the following :

Wifey Wear branded apparel

  • Wifey University Branded athletic sweats collection, award jackets, golf collection, tennis collection, yacht club collection, beach collection, club wear and loungewear
  • Wifey Custom Collection offers personalization on apparel and products in your name, marriage milestone memories, unique patches, pins, awards and more
  • Wifey Embellishments Collection offers our apparel and products embellished with swarovski crystals, rhinestones, glitter, bling and beading

Wifey Bridal products 

  • Wifey Bridal Marketplace
  • Wifey Branded Bridal products for brides and bridesmaids
  • Wifey Bridal Events including trunks shows, ring salons and more …

Wifey Pleasure 

  • Wifey Pleasure sensual pleasure products for women, intelligence ograsms, club intimacy and marital lovemaking enhancement

Wifey Wines 

  • Wifey Wines and Beverages

Wifey Jewel Collection 

  • Wifey Jewel delivers custom jewelry and accessories

Marital Intelligence Media 

  • Wifey University Publishing Books and E-Books
  • Online Training Courses
  • Live Webinars
  • On-Demand, Automated Videos
  • Seminars
  • Pro-Marriage Programming Media
  • TechnoErotica, Intenet of Intimacy and Mechanical Emotion Collection

Wifey Coaching 

Release what no longer serves you including negative or counter-productive thinking, bad habits, limited world view or divorce bound thinking.

Wifey Coaching delivers a suite of services and solutions to help wives win the high stakes business of marriage.

  • Wifey and Marriage Coaching Private One-on-One Sessions
  • Wifey Coaching Packages
  • Wifey NLP Programming
  • Alpha Wife Subconscious Programming
  • Wifey Hypno-Therapy
  • Wifey Indigenous Rx
  • Husband Hacking Coaching Programs
  • Husband Care Coaching Programs
  • Intelligence Orgasm Coaching Programs
  • Alpha Wife Algorithm Coaching Programs
  • Marriage Assessments
  • Sustainable Marriage Engineering Coaching Programs
  • Marriage Intelligence and Analysis Reporting
  • Conflict Resolution Packages


Wifey Weight Management and Nutrition Planning 

  • Wifey Weight Loss and Weight Management
  • Wifey Nutrition Planning

Wifey Kitchen and Delivery 

  • Organic Meal Delivery

Wifey Werks Clean 

  • Order On-Demand House Cleaning Services
  • Ordr On-Demand Professional Organizing
  • Order On-Demand Carpet Cleaning
  • Order On Demand Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Order On-Demand Domestic Staffing
  • Order On-Demand Personal Assistant

Wifey Body and Fit 

  • Wifey Personal Training Session
  • Wifey Metabolization Optimization
  • Wifey Yoga Sessions
  • Wifey Tennis Lessons
  • Wifey Golf Lessons
  • Wifey Surfing Lessons
  • Wifey Triathlete Training

Wifey Beauty, Style and Longevity 

  • Wifey Anti-Aging Products
  • Wifey Supplements Products
  • Wifey Beauty and Skin Care Line
  • Wifey Make Up Session
  • Wifey Hair Styling Products
  • Wifey Hair Styling Session
  • Wifey Hair Extensions
  • Wifey Aesthetics Including Botox, Fillers and More
  • Wifey Lipo
  • Wifey Tummy Tuck
  • Wifey Breast Enlargement
  • Wifey Breast Lift
  • Wifey Rhinoplasty

Marriage Business Plans 

Marriage Business Plans delivers a customized and comprehensive marriage business plan with comprehensive visibility into your relationship, marriage metrics and marital intelligence

  • Marriage Business Plans
  • Marriage Contracts and Consultation
  • Pre-Nup Contracts and Consultation
  • Post-Nup Contracts and Consultation
  • Marriage Estate Planning
  • Marital Trust Consultation
  • Marriage Investments Consultation
  • Marriage Insurance Consultation
  • Marriage Tax Strategy Consultation
  • Marriage Real Estate Investment Contracts Consultation
  • Marriage Residential and Commercial Mortgage Contracts Consultation
  • Family Office Consultation


Wife Wealth 

Wife Wealth delivers comprehensive packages to help women achieve financial freedom and security for life through proven systems that create wealth for life.

We offer ala carte Wife Wealth products and services and upgrades to concierge level packages to champion wifey wins in the high stakes business of wealth and marriage. Get wise.

Via the Wife Wealth portfolio and our coveted network of HNW/UHNW Wifeys and aspiring wealthy Wifeys worldwide, women at all financial stages of life will find the enlightenment, support systems, resources, tools, proven systems, blueprints, audience, mindshare, coaching, fast-tracks and financial opportunities to transform their husbands and marriages into appreciating assets to achieve exponential Wife Wealth and create lives that they absolutely love. Get wise.

  • Wife Wealth Books and E-Books On Building Financial Security and Wife Wealth for Life
  • Wife Wealth Coaching
  • Wife Wealth Financial Plans
  • Wife Wealth Business Plans
  • Wife Wealth Revenue Stream Plans
  • Wife Wealth Real Estate Investing by MScRE Analyst Consultants
  • Wife Wealth Start Up Coaching
  • Wife Wealth Entrepreneur Mentoring Launch Packages
  • Wife Wealth Branding Packages
  • Wife Wealth Website Packages
  • Wife Wealth Digital Marketing Packages
  • Wife Wealth E-Mail Marketing and List Building
  • Wife Wealth Ghost-Writing Packages
  • Wife Wealth E-Commerce Store Packages
  • Wife Wealth Media Reviews Packages
  • Wife Wealth Video Production Packages
  • Wife Wealth Concierge Packages
  • Wife Wealth Guru Packages
  • Wife Wealth PR Packages


Wifey Wedding Planning 

  • Wifey Wedding Planning Services
  • Wifey Wedding Planning Tools To Help Wedding Planning Professionals and Couples Planning Their Weddings
  • Wifey Wedding Planning Marketplace

Wifey Destination Weddings 

  • Wifey Destination Weddings Packages Aspen
  • Wifey Destination Weddings Package Vail
  • Wifey Weddings Destination Package Maui
  • Wifey Weddings Destination Package Diamond Head
  • Wifey Wedding Destination Package Zurich
  • Wifey Wedding Destination Package Switzerland
  • Wifey Destination Weddings Marketplace
  • Wifey Destination Weddings Tools To Help Destination Wedding Professionals and Couples Planning Their Honeymoons


Wifey Retreats

  • Wifey Retreats is the premier provider of luxury wellness, self expansion, optimization and adventure retreats for wives and women WifeyRetreats.com


Hubby University 

  • Hubby University branded apparel, merchandise, services, solutions and experiences


Hubby Retreats 

  • Hubby Retreats is the premier provider of luxury wellness, self expansion, optimization and adventure retreats for husbands and men

Hubby Coaching 

  • Hubby and Marriage Coaching

Hubby Hacking 

  • Digital Tools and Strategies To Hack, Manage, Optimize and Enhance Your Husband

Help Your Husband Succeed

  • Help Your Husband Succeed Professionally PRO-Package
  • Your Husband Succeed Financially PRO-Package
  • Help Your Husband Succeed Empowerment PRO-Package

(Gain Economic, Educational, Legal, Political, Social, Media, Military or Security, Technological, Health Optimization and Medical Empowerment )

  • Help Your Husband Succeed Cognitive IQ Enhancement PRO-Package
  • Help Your Husband Succeed Emotional IQ Enhancement PRO-Package
  • Help Your Husband Succeed Anger Management PRO-Package
  • Help Your Husband Succeed Sexual Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence Reversal/Prevention PRO-Package
  • Help Your Husband Succeed Weight Loss and Weight Management PRO-Package
  • Help Your Husband Succeed Stress Management PRO-Package
  • Help Your Husband Succeed Heart Disease Reversal Package PRO-Package


Wifey Meets Hubby Matchmaking 

Wifey Meets Hubby Matchmaking is powered by Ai, machine learning and data science and delivers marriage ready wifey and hubby candidates who have completed our exclusive executive training program and rigorous marriage preparedness bootcamps. We offer the following ala carte services …

  • Wifey Meets Hubby Matchmaking Online
  • Wifey Meets Hubby Matchmaking Private Client Group
  • Marriage Intel Modeling
  • Market Intimacy On Marriage Matchmaking and Marriage Intel Brief
  • High IQ Hook-Ups
  • Data Science of Dating and Marriage Intelligence Brief
  • Wifey and Hubby Candidate Forensic Profiling
  • Wifey Meets Hubby Cognitive IQ and Emotional IQ Testing
  • Wifey Meets Hubby Concierge Medical Marriage Readiness FITREP Exams
  • Wifey and Hubby Risk Analysis
  • Wifey Meets Hubby Date Events
  • Wifey Meets Hubby Date Retreats
  • Wifey Meets Hubby Verification Services
  • Wifey and Hubby Professional Education, Employment, Income and Credit Verification Services
  • Wifey and Hubby Matrimonial Credit Scoring
  • Wifey and Hubby Insight Field Interviews
  • Wifey and Hubby Asset Verification
  • Wifey Meets Hubby Candidate Contracts
  • Wifey Meets Hubby Marriage Underwriting


Marriage Metrics Technologies 

  • Marriage Metrics Technologies powered by Ai, machine learning and data science to help women and men make strategic data driven decisions to optimize marriages and enhance their emotional IQ, cognitive IQ, relationships, careers, health, wealth, self-expansion and all areas of their lives. Get Wise with Marriage Metrics by Ai and Machine Learning Developer and Data Scientist, Rhonda Coleman Albaize.


Wifey University is the world leader in executive wife training, sustainable marriage engineering, marriage intelligence and analysis, marriage business plans, marriage metrics, wife wealth, wifey retreats, wifey coaching, divorce proofing protocols, husband hacking, husband care, helping your husband succeed, wifey meets hubby matchmaking and more! Learn more about WifeyUniversity.com here , MarriageIntelligenceMedia.com here and WifeyRetreats.com here.

Celebrate Your Love. Promote Your Privileged Marriage Status With Pride. Stay Fly. Get Wise.

We love our Wifey customers, champion wifey wins in the high stakes business of marriage and cheerlead for hubbies and the institution of marriage. At Wifey University we advocate for wives getting wise, achieving wife wealth, leveraging marital intelligence and proven systems to create lives you absolutely love. That said, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for process improvement and product development. Use our contact page to get in touch and share your thoughts.


Get Wise,


Rhonda Coleman Albazie 

Maverick Marriagepreneur, CEO and Founder

The Wifey University Store 



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